Fix Damaged Outlook Archive PST File

Easily Repair Damaged Archive PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of the software that is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook allows its users different services like an address book, email management, a web browser, notebook, and calendar where any user can organize various things such emails, meetings, future meetings and other things. Each of these attributes of MS Outlook is saved over PST file which if gets corrupted due to any reason then entire Outlook profile becomes useless. If facing same situation then readily apply Fix PST File.

Damage of the archive PST file usually happen due to saving of the PST files on bad sectors of the hard drive. This kind of corruption happens due to none of the user’s intention.  As this sort of thing happen on the Outlook profile each of the constituent elements becomes inaccessible. After the corruption of the PST, messages starts appearing while accessing the Outlook. Some of the messages that surface on Outlook are:

Apart from the above mentioned reason for Outlook Archive PST file corruption, the repeated reason is improper closing. When the PST file of MS Outlook is closed in an inappropriate way, the chances of file header corruption are quite high. As such an instance occurs on the PST none of the activity can be done on the Outlook. The best possible solution to such sort of problem is making use of Fix PST File. This tool scans the PST file in read only mode and redevelops a brand new PST file in matter of few mouse clicks. To have much more illustrated idea about this topic click here:

There are several other reasons which cause corruption of Outlook archive file, a few of them are as follows:

All of the above mentioned corruption issues over Outlook can be handled by use of Fix PST File. A few of the people face PST file corruption never attempt PST file repair because they have no idea where PST file is located on the system. Such necessity of the user is handled by this software, scans for the PST file and reports back with their path to the users. The emails or contacts that are accidentally deleted from the PST file can be recovered back by implementation of this software. If required this software can be easily installed and applied on various Windows operating system to fix corrupt PST file on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. The PST file which has been safeguarded by encryption at different level can be easily fixed by usage of this user friendly software.

Follow Below Mentioned Procedure to Fix Archive PST File:

Step I:– As the PST file gets corrupted due to any reason, download and install Fix PST File tool. Open the Main Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Fix Damaged Outlook Archive PST File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step II: – Select the scanning method as shown in Figure 2.

Fix Damaged Outlook Archive PST File - Select Scanning Method

Figure 2: Select Scanning Method

Step III: – As the fixing of PST file is completed, repair summary is forecasted as shown in Figure 3.

Fix Damaged Outlook Archive PST File - Repair Summary

Figure 3: Repair Summary