Fix Corrupt PST File on Windows 8

Repair PST File on Windows 8 With Ease

Corruption is one of the dreadful thing that none of the computer user wishes to happen on computer, however, even after number of measures are taken they do happen. In general when file like PST gets corrupted, number of unexpected results are produced by the Outlook while it is being used. Outlook PST file get corrupted on computer or laptop due to number of reasons. As such an instance happen it gets very much difficult to access the contents of the PST file. If you are in similar sort of situation then, simply make use of Fix PST File as early as possible.

Improper closing of the PST file is one of the repeated reasons for the corruption of the PST file. To have detailed or better understanding of such happening, let’s discuss one of the real-time examples of it. Suppose that you are accessing Outlook profile for some reason, but while making use of it due to some hardware failure laptop got turned off abruptly. When for the next time you turned on your system and tried to access the Outlook profile an error message splashed on the screen describing that the PST file has corrupted. So the very next question that arises is “how to fix errors in outlook.pst file?”

The other common reason for PST file corruption on Windows 8 is due to freezing of the PST file. The issue like freezing of the PST file usually happens when large sized email is tried to send. The freezing of Outlook profile can also happen due to various other reasons such malfunctioning of the MS Outlook, issues with the file system and various others. To know more about the issues that can happen on Windows 8 in context with Outlook click on this url:

If you don’t wish your Windows 8 PST file to be corrupted, then always follow the below mentioned things on MS Outlook:

Many times even after following the proper procedure to minimize corruption issues on PST file, need for fix corrupt PST file on Windows 8 do arise. In such situation simply make use of Fix PST File tool as early as possible. This tool scans for the damaged or corrupt PST file in matter of few seconds. Fix PST File can be easily implemented on various file system like NTFS5, ReFS, NTFS, etc. Some of the Outlook users avoid making use of any repair tool over PST file because they fear about the confidentiality of the different emails that they have received. But, this tool keeps the password enact even after the PST file is repaired. One of the other advantageous aspects of this software is that this tool is read only tool, thus there is no scope for any damage for the original file.

Simple Steps to Fix PST File on Windows 8:

Step I:– Download and install Fix PST File tool after any damage happens on PST file on Windows 8. As installation is completed open the Welcome Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Fix Corrupt PST File on Windows 8 - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step II: – Choose the appropriate scanning procedure and click "Repair" as shown in Figure 2.

Fix Corrupt PST File on Windows 8 - Select Scanning Method

Figure 2: Select Scanning Method

Step III: – Finally, you will see the window showing the PST file has been repaired and Outlook items are recovered as shown in Figure 3

Fix Corrupt PST File on Windows 8 - Recovered Outlook Items List

Figure 3: Recovered Outlook Items List